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22 February 2030 @ 04:29 pm

this is tekkichan's journal, from now on i decide to make it semi friendly. Feel free to add me or whatever

lol yeah I'm CHEAP now

don't worry not gonna bite

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08 August 2018 @ 02:26 am

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27 July 2018 @ 10:53 am

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Can't seem to find the subbed PV should i make me own? *staring at my winnie's unsub folder*

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25 July 2018 @ 12:55 pm

And no. 1 is so me *laughs*
Really can't keep up with em young peasants

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19 July 2018 @ 02:43 pm

Like i've mentioned before on my previous post how lucky i was to be able to shook hyde's hand, i tought okay that's it the culimination point of my more than 20 years devotion to my number 1 band L'Arc~en~Ciel. The vocalis, Hyde-sama for me is literally kamisama. He's like Zeus reigning on Olympus with none whatsoever posibility for mortal to touch him. The Berlin wall and communism can fall, but to touch hyde was impossible except you have somekind of celebrity status, he's willingly whoring in america with vamps *slapslapslap* or one is dying of cancer. But then things change, Kimmy visited singapore, shaking hands with Trump, taking selfies etcetera

I'm satisfied enough with the shake hands event in malaysia, the tickets wasn't even exxie as for example Gackt's bday concert. But it's worthed, we shook hands, saw him in close proximity and then my fellow hydeist flew to japan, they took with em our pics on the scene with our national flag. AND IT MADE INTO HIS DRESSING ROOM !!! KAMISAMA'S DRESSING ROOM IN NAGOYA !!

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02 July 2018 @ 11:38 pm
This wicked idea planted in our mind that we can buy our own happiness, our way to a better place is just illusion. That purchases make us happy, buying things gives us freedom of choice and control in ways that the socialist utopias could never match.
How much freedom or control do we really have when our desires are constantly stimulated but can never be satisfied?
If only I had a bigger, flatter telly, 3D and 4k telly then i'd be in a good place. But of course it's a myth, the good place of consumption always lies just just just beyond reach.
We never quite get there .....
Even my mates were all shocked knowing that i caught this jani's fever 😂😂😂😂😂

I don't understand how i got into nino, felt like just yesterday i watched Botchan and said to meself "This actor playing Botchan's face makes me want to slap him"

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10 June 2018 @ 11:28 am

Busy world got the best of me, my last post was like 2 or 3 years ago! Me getting busier and bussier, hold new post and more responsibility, bought new house, went to japan this winter, the snow, ski resort and disneyland etc. Went to OOR concert in Singapore, hyde concert in KL and shook his hands!!
From my youngerself perspective, like a decade ago, to have this kind of physical encounter with hyde is impossible. It's almost as impossible as the saudis paying taxes lol. Because people meeting their idol happen only on telly and it's happen only to people dying from deadly cancer and other incureble deseases.
But well i dare say i'm lucky and as the blue mountain grow not old and the green water always remain, so shall i never forget that i shook hands with you 💕💕💕
He's so cute and petitte and the most important i don't think he's 160's cm because i'm 155, surely he's not taller than me.

For me now is less movies and more doramas, more aunty beebs documentary. All the Oxbridge professors and historians, you name it and i could actually make a list of all their docus, what year and what is all about. Of course sir David is always my ❤  He showed me so much over the years, stuff i would have never seen without his help. We had no internet, but we're fine because we had Sir David on our telly everyday. I learned more from his shows than i ever learned at school, i knew stuff that even my teacher back then didn't know. I think when Sir David speaks, the whole world must listen carefully. His lates documentary about tree with Her Majesty The Queen is my favourite. There's no way you can see Sir David running back and forth just to find out tree's name if it wasn't in Her Majesty's present.

They're so cute together, strolling around the buckingham garden, chatting and laughing. The Queen and Sir David, they both have good sense of humor. i can't help but wanna keep both of them inside bubble wrap so that nothing could endanger them. They both in their 90s and i need them both to live forever.

For dramaland , found myself dragged back tothe dorama land thanks to the pretty kurako from kuragehime the series and the awesome nino in Back Pean. LOL i even rewatch all the vs arashi episodes just to stare at nino. My vs arashi watch now is more nino-centtric, it used to be Jun and Aiba-centtric ...

who knows? perhaps in the future it'll be Sho or Oh No!!

ps : I shook hands with KAMISAMA, so maybe it's time for the saudis to start paying taxes just like everyone else in the word *except monaco*

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17 January 2017 @ 08:42 pm

This finale, The Final Problem wasn't necessarily a bad episode. It's on the level of the blind wanker or the hounds of baskerville, but it shouldn't have been. We were promised consequences, weren't we? About Moriarty, about the "miss me"?? there should have been something more than a conversation we don't get to see and doesn't end up mattering to the rest of the episode. I am also not particularly fond of this idea of humanizing an alien in a movies/tellies. Presumably this season and the previous was about humanizing sherlock, to make him more appealing to certain people. Well, clearly i am not one of 'em. I find it disagreeable especially using women as vehicles.... poor Molly didn't deserve it.

I don't want the human sherlock as much as i don't want the royal family living a peasant's life or Prince Harry, just like his great great granducle marry an American divorcee. Felt like i'm forced to divorce the alien sherlock that i loved dearly... #toomuchithink

Well now the silver linings........
At least Mary stays dead, Mycroft umbrella/sword/gun and Jim is back!! That Moriarty scene was brilliant. My mouth was wide open when he got off that helicopter, when that line of text came up I couldn't help but burst out laughing...

To comfort meself, i'm gonna think that Moffat and Gaytiss deliberately made this season bad for the same reason that Mycroft asked that John be shot. So that it become easier for me to not want more of this series. If this is a real divorce, this is the best divorce, SAIKOU NO RIKON!!
I'm happy that my OTP, Sherlock John, like in a standart fairy tale ending, lived happily ever after.

Whatever their romantic/marital status, they're family, a happy family.

In the end i can not but give this finale 2 of 5, cause i still cannot tolerate two Blind Wankers in one season.

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Rewatching the finale of Journey of The Flower and my opinion remains the same. I hate Bai Zi hua, no matter how they re-paintedd him in the blasted happy ending for the sake of money.  It didn't  make sense and ruined the story. The Bai Zihua in the end, the selfish Bai Zihua who's abandoning everything for his desciple and atone all his "wrongdoings" is not Bai Zihua. They mistreated Bai Zihua as a character just like Bryan singer did to Fassy in the latest x-men movie. The story should have stopped at Hua Qin Guo's death where she cursed him out of love, she regretted and she died........ Fin.......... Owari.

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